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Drifting from address to address? Feel like you're in a no win situation? Life on the street becoming dangerous? Do you need someone to talk to but are uncertain what may come of it? Are there times you wish you had some place to turn?

The Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center is a safe place for runaway juveniles dealing with unsafe or risky street life situations.

Please call the JCJAC or visit praxus.org or coloradocrimevictims.org for additional support. Learn More!

Our Free Service

The JC JAC provides assessments to the Jefferson County Community at no charge to families. The assessment process gives juveniles and families the opportunity to provide a comprehensive description of their unique family structure.

The purpose of the assessment is to identify the presenting issue's origin and provide service referrals to address the concern. Although The JCJAC works closely with local law enforcement, taking advantage of our free referral service will not generate a criminal record.

Time to Call is Now

If you have a question regarding your child's mental health, safety, behavior, court case, school attendance, or drug use, the JCJAC can help.

We have a comprehensive network of agencies and service providers who offer a vast range of approaches and options to address issues like these. Scheduling an assessment is best but if transportation is in issue, please do not hesitate to call.

(720) 497-7770

News to Know

Polic Chief Magazine

The Juvenile Assessment Center and Information Sharing: The Whys, the Whats, and How It Works in Jefferson County, Colorado

By Stephanie Rondenell and Jeff McDonald, Police Chief Magazine, March 2013

In 1992, Jefferson County, Colorado, experienced an increase in youth violence that led to a rise in juvenile arrests and filings. This juvenile activity had a negative impact on the juvenile justice system, since it lengthened time from police contact to a court appearance...

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